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mind-shifters is a holistic development program

activating your talents, your teams and the entire organization towards a new way of thinking, working and belonging.

It focuses on areas that are needed to navigate through new challenges, explore new ways of thinking.

Its design facilitates the transition of learning into the real context of participants in order to ensure a sustainable transformation.

Join us on our mind-shifting journey

We guide you step-by-step through a process with innovative and inspirational learning experiences to a sustainable and responsible organization.

future leaders

agile teams

Create a sustainable organization

Motivate and retain talents

Support of a good purpose (CSR)

mind-shifters supports organization in transformation

Your employees are looking for more meaning at work and personal development?

EQUIP to deliver results

TRANSFER in every day behaviour

INVIGORATE motivation and commitment

Increase the TRUST

We leverage the sense of purpose to facilitate the learning

By putting the people with their “sense of purpose” and their mind-sets at the center, mind-shifters enhances employee motivation, resilience, commitment and retention and supports companies in their quest for transformation and excellence.

Design your own mind-shifters journey

You can choose among different journey opportunities. 
Combine various modules that best meet your individual requirements or take the whole guided journey.

set the
ground webinar


first introduction to design thinking and setting the ground for collaboration (defining the teams)  and first networking.

Introduction of the association/NGO at the core of the deep dive challenge giving the participants to prepare themselves for the deep-dive. Prework (reading & videos). Hosted on a our learning platform.


deep-dive challenge

consisting of 5 stages:

1. introduction to the challenge
2. empathy phase
3. ideation phase
4. prototyping phase
5. pitching phase

Participants work on a real challenge that an NGO or association is facing.

individual coaching

coaching session

follow-up coaching session with the team coach

debriefing the individual experience, team dynamics, analyzing individual feedback and making a learning and priority plan.

skill development workshops

advanced stage training:
seperate teams or together

1 day follow-up skill development training nuggets per team, including 4  modules of 1-2h in specific selected skill areas, for example:

problem solving

cross team mentoring

team processes and
organization training

The Cross Team Mentoring serves as a reflective moment for the teams to analyse their own team dynamics, review how they apply the skills they have learnt into their own team-work.

Ground rules
Team dynamics
Dealing with conflics

mind-shifters skills

During the mind-shifters journey, participants develop skills to become better leaders. In the following videos, Anna and Maxime share what skills mind-shifters tackles and give you some food for thought about each of them, enjoy ! 



Agility by Anna

Communication by Maxime

Problem-solving by Anna

Creativity by Maxime

Collaboration by Anna

Innovation by Maxime

join us for our next open deep dive Plus

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For the beneficiary: MYBLUEPLANET

Do you want to offer your talents an innovative and inspirational learning opportunity?

Let them join us for the deep-diveplus working on solutions supporting the fight against climate change.

Building solar power plants with schoolchildren, cooking climate-friendly meals, planting trees, or promoting climate protection projects in companies: MYBLUEPLANET is an independent, non-profit organization committed to concrete climate protection in Switzerland.

Their goal is to win over as many people as possible to a climate-friendly lifestyle – and mindshifters goal is to engage as many talents as possible to support them with their mission.



Dr. Anna Eckardt


Program Director, Managing Partner & Coach

Dr. Joerg Pirron


Managing Partner & Jury

Dr. Thilo Eckardt


Managing Partner & Jury

Anne-Laure Francois


Project Manager & Coach 

Maxime Dumont


mind-shift Activator, Project Manager & Coach

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